If there’s one thing that’s been consistent in healthcare when it comes to the pandemic, it’s inconsistency. Ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, shortages of equipment and PPE, and breaking virus and vaccine news coming from every direction have created an atmosphere of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion for both patients and care providers. Even as we begin to shift our gaze toward a post-pandemic world, challenges with vaccine distribution and administration have created a bumpy road for patients to navigate. 

The constant roadblocks that patients encounter as they seek care in a pandemic era have been somewhat assuaged by the accelerated widespread availability of telehealth and virtual visits. Thanks to the convenience and increased access to care that telehealth affords, patients now expect a higher-level of personalized treatment that is on their terms. So how do we implement lasting practices to deliver the quality of care that patients deserve and expect long after the unique disruptions caused by the pandemic subside?

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