Justin Williams, CEO, Noteworth
Twitter: @noteworth_

Digital Medicine will continue to adjust and change based on new technologies, patient needs and insurance reimbursement trends. We are seeing clinicians and health systems changing behaviors quickly as patients are making health choices around many variables including forward thinking technology, pandemic safety and flexibility options for patients including a blend of virtual, on-demand and in-person care. As AI and risk modeling move to the forefront, we will continue to see exciting shifts in proactive care in 2021 and beyond.

Jennifer Haas, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Noteworth
Twitter: @noteworth_

Going into 2021 and beyond, Digital Medicine will play a key role in making sure patients of all backgrounds, geographies and stages of life get access to quality medical care when and where they need it. While consumers in general are adapting to a rapidly changing environment, we are seeing changed behavior in retail, banking, remote work, etc. as people adjust to home delivery and on-demand services. Patients seeking healthcare services are no different as they realize the benefits in safety, privacy and convenience of having a virtual house call with their personal doctor in the privacy of their own home or remote monitoring of vital signs. The patient care experience has not changed much since the 1980s, and we are finally seeing the future of medicine that involves more convenience and safety. Patients’ changing needs and demands will drive healthcare changes into the future and it’s looking bright.

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